We would like to send our best regards to our customers. Thank you very much to customers for their interest in supporting our elevator system products!

Hitechco elevator system

Is a high quality elevator system

Reasonable price of products, variety of types

Trusted and brings comfort, peace of mind to everyone when using the elevator

Commitment to quality throughout the length of formation and development of HITECHCO Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Our team

Being a team of professional professionals, with many years of experience, will give you dedicated and free consultation. Help you choose the right elevator, right use and save the cost of owning the elevator, during use there will always be satisfaction and trust and the selected elevator.

Nguyen Kim Nhung

Nguyen Kim Nhung

Marketing HITECHCO
Bui Thanh Trung

Bui Thanh Trung

Nguyen Minh Anh

Nguyen Minh Anh

Vo Trung Nguyen

Vo Trung Nguyen

Why do you choose


HITECHCO's elevator warranty and maintenance services are always performed regularly and periodically with preferential prices. In particular, customers are reduced the cost of owning the next elevator and escalator.


During the process of formation and development, with the continuous efforts HITECHCO Vietnam Elevator Co., Ltd. has achieved many great achievements, bringing maximum benefits to customers.


With experience and prestige highly appreciated by customers, HITECHCO Vietnam Elevator Co., Ltd. has constructed and installed elevators for many large domestic projects.


Our goal in the future is to continue to grow, fulfill our mission to customers and make a significant contribution to Vietnamese society.